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The best wireless Retropie controller ever

Using a Raspberry Pi as a retro console emulator is extremely easy. Just download Retropie and run it. You can use any controller as retropie controller or even your keyboard to play retro games on your TV with HDMI. Nintendo NES, SNES, Sega MegaDrive, Gameboy, Amiga, Atari. You name it, it can play it.

If you like to go a little bit further, you can 3D Print a NES enclosure for the Raspberry like I did. It’s really awesome looking, and around the same size as the official Nintendo NES Classic Mini.

But with a cool looking mini console, you also want to have cool retropie controllers. Of course you can buy one of those really cheap 5 dollar controllers from Gearbest or Banggood, but believe me, they are as crappy as they can be expected to be for that little money.

The best Retropie controller on the market

While searching for a better alternative, I stumbled upon the 8bitdo website. This company makes cool looking retro controllers, and even had a NES controller look-a-like with extra buttons. I bought mine from Banggood, and they are cool. Really cool. They feel really solid with excellent build quality. And a very big bonus: They use Bluetooth to connect. The Raspberry Pi 3 has built in Bluetooth, but for the 1 and 2 you need a dongle, but the convenience of gaming wire-free is well worth it.

You can even buy an adapter for NES, SNES or NES mini to use these controllers with those systems.

So, if you are looking for a great Retropie controller, look no further and get yourself an 8bitdo controller.


Which of these controllers do you prefer?