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Overwatch Deathmatch is now live

Blizzard finally created a mode for mindless killing sprees in it's successful game Overwatch and it's awesome/

Since it's launch, Overwatch has always been a team versus team, objective based shooter. It's a really great game. Players are matched against players of equal skill, and to keep competition fair, you cannot level up your character. A noob plays with exactly the same characters as a experienced player. Only skill makes the difference.

Over a year after it's introduction in May 2016, Blizzard now introduced Deathmatch. You can play free for all, or 4vs4 deathmatch. In Free for all, the first one with 20 kills wins, and in 4vs4, the first player with 30 kills wins the game.

For Overwatch Deathmatch, a couple of new maps are introduced, and some are adapted for deathmatch, since existing maps are designed for objective play. One of the new maps is called Chateau Gaillard and it's basically a castle with loads of hallways, tunnels and balconies.


It is clear that a lot of thought has been put in the map design. It's a lot smaller than the regular maps, and it has plenty of ways to get away, hide or openly attack an enemy hero.

Contrary to the normal game modes, you can respawn immidiately. No need to wait for the replay. Awesome.

The Deathmatch modes can be found under Arcade and Custom Game, and it doesn't seem like Blizzard is planning on making it part of the competitive game mode for now.