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Cheaper Nest E announced

We all know the Nest thermostat. The awesome looking smart thermostat we all want but can't afford. Nest seems to have noticed, and announced a cheaper version: the Nest E.

The Nest E does almost everything the original Nest does. It will automatically adjust temperature settings depending on your schedule, and lowers the temperature when you are not at home. Of course you can remotely manage the Nest E with the Nest app. When you are at home you can simply rotate the outer ring of the Nest E, or ask Google Assistant or Alexa to change the temperature. The only feature the Nest E lacks compared to the Nest is the Farsight feature which shows you weather info when you approach it.

At $169 the price is still quite steep for a thermostat, but hey, it's a Nest, so you'll be cool if you have one. Right?

What do you think of the new design?