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Cheap handheld retro gaming

In the age of mobile games where developers lure you into doing in-app purchases, and where you often need to pay to win, the longing to simply a good game grows stronger. This is where retro gaming comes in.

The success of the Nintendo NES classic mini is a good example of this. It sold out quickly, and after that you could buy them only from sites like ebay.com at a much higher price.

You can also make a Retropie console yourself from a raspberry pi. You'll be able to play all retro games you wish, but you need to be a bit technical to make one. It won't be very cheap either.

Now the kind people from banggood.com offer a very interesting solution in the form of a handheld retro gaming device that can play NES, GBA and SNES games, at the extremely low price of around € 30. Free shipping.


It features a 4.3" 480x272px screen and has 8GB of memory built in. Now 8GB doesn't sound like a lot, but classic games are very tiny. The design is far from original, but let's not make a point of that. Game roms can be found for free on the int0rwebs, so you'll be able to play your favorite games on the go.

I have ordered mine from banggood.com just now and will probably write a small review on it later, so subscribe to this blog or follow me on twitter to get notified.

What are your favorite classic games?